Find That Email: Email Address Generator


Summary: Development of a simple Email Permutator Chrome Web Extension.



I had the concept of “Minimum Viable Product” drilled into my head during my coursework at USC, and as iterative design has become the standard through SCRUM, AGILE, and all those trendy methodologies.   This unstyled prototype uses html inputs, a preset number of domains.  The Generate Emails button uses a JS Event Listener to trigger the generate_emails() JS function



Prototype 2:


My next TODO was to clean up interface by making number of domains variable and ignore blank domains in generate function.  The appendChild function took care of the first job:


And the answer to this handy stackoverflow post detailed that JS ‘if’ checks for ‘truthiness’ of variables, evaulating to false if value is null, undefined, NaN, emptystring(“”), 0, or false.

In the end, my collaborator recommened our users would only need to use one domain at a time, so this work was scrapped, but it was a useful lesson.

Prototype 3:


Iteration on way to stylizing buttons with CSS.

First release Version:


We determined users only needed to generate emails for one domain.  And that removing the Generate Emails button in favor of a dynamic automated interface.  The onblur Event Object was an easy solution.

Where to Go From Here:

Integration with InboxSDK to automatically detect open emails and fill the inbox, replacing (or adding to) earlier permutations.

Checkout these and other projects at:


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