Oddity: Rotational Fractal with Sliders


Made something I came up with sketching the other day.  Lines branching out from “root” lines, at various positions along the ‘parent’ line.

Handy way to learn and test out JS Canvas drawing, as well as animations.  Something fun to play around with, can explore tying it to other data or for more complex forms/data.

Some forms it produced:




Weather App

Weather App


Been inspired to work through my old projects list.  One of the first up is a weather web-app.  It uses JS to process a JSON received from the weatherbit API, and Bootstrap for a simple functional display mirroring the native iPhone weather app.

Put it up live, despite a few issues with mobile display, and some TODO tweaks with display in general.  Project was good refresher on my JS skills, and for getting back in the habit of completing small projects in between mid-to-large projects (like the TeeLine Editor, and “Bloom” Visualization) which I want to *really* polish off before showing off.



  • Optimize app and text size on mobile display (Priority)
  • Fix 24-hour display on mobile.
  • Smoother transition after entering zip code
  • Responsive “Invalid Postal Code” display text
  • Look into non-US postal codes

And more generally:

  • A nice unobstrusive wrapper for my apps to link back to my site home page

Creating Reality Hack – Paint-Mate

Spent Monday-Thursday this week (March 12-15) at the Creating Reality Hackathon.  My first hackathon in fact.  Met lots of cool folks, got some free swag, got lots of ideas for future projects, and unexpectedly walked away with a prize!

As my first hackathon, I came in with an open mind ready to help bring somebody else’s idea to fruition, after mulling over a few projects and roaming the different category areas, jumped on to create the PaintMate team.

Paint Mate:

Inspired by the copius amounts of paint wasted in industry and home use (estimated up to 1/6 of all paint produced), we hoped to harness the power of the Hololens AR Headset to help humans quickly and accurately scan and estimate the amount of paint needed on a project.




Will add in a bit more about my lessons during the experienced.  Of which there were many, which I hope to bring to my personal proejcts and the next hackathon.