Creating Reality Hack – Paint-Mate

Spent Monday-Thursday this week (March 12-15) at the Creating Reality Hackathon.  My first hackathon in fact.  Met lots of cool folks, got some free swag, got lots of ideas for future projects, and unexpectedly walked away with a prize!

As my first hackathon, I came in with an open mind ready to help bring somebody else’s idea to fruition, after mulling over a few projects and roaming the different category areas, jumped on to create the PaintMate team.

Paint Mate:

Inspired by the copius amounts of paint wasted in industry and home use (estimated up to 1/6 of all paint produced), we hoped to harness the power of the Hololens AR Headset to help humans quickly and accurately scan and estimate the amount of paint needed on a project.




Will add in a bit more about my lessons during the experienced.  Of which there were many, which I hope to bring to my personal proejcts and the next hackathon.



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