Weather App

Weather App


Been inspired to work through my old projects list.  One of the first up is a weather web-app.  It uses JS to process a JSON received from the weatherbit API, and Bootstrap for a simple functional display mirroring the native iPhone weather app.

Put it up live, despite a few issues with mobile display, and some TODO tweaks with display in general.  Project was good refresher on my JS skills, and for getting back in the habit of completing small projects in between mid-to-large projects (like the TeeLine Editor, and “Bloom” Visualization) which I want to *really* polish off before showing off.



  • Optimize app and text size on mobile display (Priority)
  • Fix 24-hour display on mobile.
  • Smoother transition after entering zip code
  • Responsive “Invalid Postal Code” display text
  • Look into non-US postal codes

And more generally:

  • A nice unobstrusive wrapper for my apps to link back to my site home page

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